We are an inter-school network of student photographers providing photography services for charities and non-profit organizations.

How we began

Noxx and Michelle founded Photo4Good in 2017 as an extracurricular club within Victoria Shanghai Academy. Photo4Good VSA teamed up with several nonprofits to photograph charity events over the school year. Its service to provide nonprofits with quality images at a low cost is aimed to minimise their expenses for promotion.

Jasmine saw the club's potential to expand into an inter-school network of student photographers and nonprofits. She teamed up with Tien Yi and Jamie to establish Photo4Good Hong Kong in 2018. We are now working to build a network of proactive student photographers willing to use their skills for charitable causes in the local community.


To educate, prepare, and engage young people in efforts to alleviate social issues.

How we work


Nonprofits provide Photo4Good with details on upcoming events.

Photo4Good photographers volunteer to photograph events.

Photographers shoot the events and deliver photos directly to nonprofits.

Core Team


Aashika Mamgain

President, Communications

Yui To Wong (Toby)

President, Photography

Tze Fung Kao

President, Marketing

Faith Lin

Ex-President, Communications

Charlotte Fong

Ex-President, Photography

Ethan Chan

Ex-President, Marketing

Tien Yi


Jasmine Li


Jamie Wong


Noxx Lam

Founding Member

Michelle Kung

Founding Member

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